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Decode The Mystery: Discover The Right Teen Bedding Comforters For Your Teen!

Ah, the teenage years. These years can be some of the most stressful years for a parent, as your little boy or girl suddenly seems all grown up, and is developing a personality and interests all their own. Yet, your teen still needs your care and support, and understanding their need for space is crucial during these years. Just as your teen is cultivating his or her personality, they are also choosing a certain style that allows their personality to shine through. This is of course wonderful, but it also makes shopping for his or her Teen Bedding Comforters quite difficult! Take our quiz to discover the perfect teen bedding comforters to make his or her space great!

1. What kind of clubs, hobbies, or interests does your teen have?
A. Hangs out with friends in large groups, goes out to restaurants with friends, and enjoys academic activities like campaigning for a class officer or joining the debate team.
B. Working to make the Earth a better place for future generations and enjoys walks outside, as well as hiking with friends.
C. Highly involved in sports teams, and tends to lead a very active lifestyle.
D. Typically found with a small group of close friends, and enjoys relaxing activities, such as reading or painting.

2. Which quote best describes your teen’s outlook on life?
A. “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” - e.e. cummings
B. “Earth laughs in flowers.“ - Ralph Waldo Emerson
C. "The 5 Ss of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit." - Ken Doherty
D. “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” -Mohandas K. Gandhi

3. Your teen’s clothing style best resembles:
A. Lots of bright colors, and looks similar to the style of clothing in popular teen stores and movies.
B. More organic colors, such as greens, browns, and tans, with modern floral accents.
C. Usually a pair of athletic shorts or pants, and a t-shirt to match.
D. Comfortable clothing, such as a hoodie or t-shirt, and jeans or comfy pants.

…And The Teen Bedding Comforters For Your Teen Are:
Mostly A’s: Your teen has a bright, outgoing personality, and loves to be surrounded with friends, laughing and just having a fun time! The ideal fun teen bedding comforters for your child are Cuddlebugs-N-Cocoons Sharon Bedding Comforter, Summer Queen Teen Bedding Comforter, and Koko Company’s Elements Red and Fuschia Duvet Cover.

Mostly B’s: Your teen loves all things natural, and is certainly doing his or her part to save the environment. The perfect teen bedding comforter picks for your teen are our Cuddlebugs-N-Cocoons Whoo Woo Kiley Teen Bedding Set and our beautiful Doga Teen Bedding Comforters.

Mostly C’s: Your teen enjoys competing in sports and leading a healthy, active lifestyle! Complement their adventurous spirit with the Cuddlebugs-N-Cocoons African Safari Teen Bedding Comforters and our very dynamic Life Teen Bedding Set.

Mostly D’s: Your teen understands the need to relax and appreciate his or her surroundings, a trait that will carry them well throughout the stresses of adult live. Create a soothing bedroom environment with our Tulip Teen Bedding Comforters and the calm Cuddlebugs-N-Cocoons Sylvia Ann Teen Bedding Set.

Decode The Mystery: Discover The Right Teen Bedding Comforters For Your Teen!

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