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Which Adorable Designer Crib Bedding Set Is Perfect For Your Baby? Find Out!

Which Adorable Designer Crib Bedding Set Is Perfect For Your Baby? Find Out!

There’s so many beautiful designer crib bedding sets, making choosing just one for that special little guy or girl in your life quite a challenging task! We’ve narrowed down the list and selected only the most lovely Designer Crib Bedding for our collection, but we have to admit it was hard for even us to choose our favorite. Take our quiz and find out which designer crib bedding set is a must for your baby!

1. Mom and Dad’s personality would best be described as:
A. Warm and friendly, and so excited for their new baby.
B. Environmentally-conscious, with a inclination for all things organic.
C. Sophisticated, and more focused on choosing fine quality, rather than price.
D. Eclectic, with wonderfully unique tastes.

2. Mom’s home décor style features:
A. The looks inside popular home decorating magazines.
B. Earth tones, such as warm tans, greens, and rustic reds.
C. Rich, luxurious colors, such as regal purples and royal yellows.
D. Fun geometric patterns and shapes.

3. The quote Mom and Dad would feel the closest connection with is:
A. “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.“ - Hodding Carter, Jr.
B. "Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children." - Kenyan Proverb
C. "It is impossible to overdo luxury." - French Proverb
D. "People love others not for who they are but for how they make them feel." - Irwin Federman

Mostly A’s: A traditional designer crib bedding is perfect for that new little one in your life. Stick with timeless crib bedding classics, such as our fabulously floral Lulu Girl’s Designer Crib Bedding, and the bashfully blue Bailey 4 Piece Designer Crib Bedding for boy’s!

Mostly B’s: An exceptionally eco-friendly style is a wonderful choice in this selection. Choose earth-toned colors and patterns, such as our Spring Greens Modern Berries Designer Crib Bedding.

Mostly C’s: Isn’t luxury so lovely? We think so too! Our beautiful Glenna Jean Olivia Designer Crib Bedding is the perfect elegant crib bedding for little girl’s, and the Glenna Jean Central Park Designer Crib Bedding for boy’s.

Mostly D’s: An offbeat designer crib bedding style is just the choice for that special bundle of joy! His or her parents likely have more of an eclectic style, making our Glenna Jean Neutron Designer Crib Bedding and Banana Fish Bubble Gum Designer Crib Bedding just so much fun for the nursery!

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