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Every color has a different personality – from confident, regal purples to dynamic reds and Princess pinks, color has the ability to set tones and create moods. Choosing the right color palette for your child’s room and Children’s Crib Bedding is an absolute must, and as your child will be spending quite a bit of time relaxing and playing in his or her room, it’s important to create a mood that will spark imagination and creativity in your child. We’ve researched popular children’s room colors and what characteristics these colors evoke, as well as the beautiful children’s crib bedding to match!

Brown and Pink Children’s Crib Bedding
Brown is known to stir up feelings of stability and a oneness with the Earth, and with light pinks being known for their lighthearted, whimsical nature, brown and pink children’s crib bedding and room décor bring about a sense of wholesome fun and warmth. Popular brown and pink children’s crib bedding colors include our Bella Baby in Pink 3 Piece Crib Bedding and our Glenna Jean Zoe 4 Piece Children’s Crib Bedding Set.

Purple Children’s Crib Bedding
Purple, on the other hand, is a color known for inspiring creativity and uplifting one’s spirits – certainly a great color for growing girls and boys! It’s also a favorite of teen girls, so your little girl might just love her bedding as she grows up, too! We especially love our purple children’s crib bedding in our Wildflower 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set and our Amore 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set.

Green Children’s Crib Bedding
Green is a calming color, and works to soothe and calm anxieties and worries, as well as create a sense of balance and refreshment, traits we of course would like to instill in our children! Seafoam green is our “green” of choice, and appropriate for both boy’s and girl’s rooms. Pretty choices include our Paisley Splash Children’s Crib Bedding Set in Lime, and the fun Spring Green Cobblestone 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set.

Red Children’s Crib Bedding
Red has a reputation for stirring up excitement and increasing energy, while also garnering a feeling of trust and security. You might not want to decorate your child’s room heavily in red, but red accents here and there can create a swirl of fun energy! Look for our Sock Monkey 3 Piece Children’s Crib Bedding and our so adorable Lizzie 4 Piece Children’s Crib Bedding Set.

Orange Children’s Crib Bedding
Orange colors exude warmth and energy, and may also bring about feelings of openness and wanting to socialize with others – it’s quite a friendly color, and may help your child feel more confident bonding with his or her peers. Our Glenna Jean Domain Children's Crib Bedding Set has dashing splashes of orange throughout it.

The Style Palette: A Swirl of Children’s Crib Bedding Colors!

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