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Baby Girl Bedding - Great Themes For Your Nursery

Author: Laura Abro

If you are expecting a new little girl, no doubt you are excited about her coming into your life. While you probably can't wait until she arrives, you also will want to make sure that you are prepared before the due date. One of the most important things to get ready is the baby room, and you'll want to pick out beautiful bedding and matching accessories for the perfect nursery. Lucky for you, there are plenty of themes available; in fact, there are so many that you may find it difficult to pick out the right one. So, if you need a few ideas for inspiration, here are some great themes to consider using for a girl's nursery.

Designs By Laura Ashley

If you are looking for great baby girl bedding, you may want to consider the bedding designs of Laura Ashley - a perennial favorite and afforadably priced, too. There are a variety of colors and patterns that you can choose from, mainly focused around beautiful pastels. You can find these collections on the internet and in stores such as Target.

Lady Bug Theme

Another great idea for your nursery is the lady bug theme. While an absolutely adorable theme, there is a possibility that the red, black, and white that usually forms the color scheme might be too stimulating for your daughter's resting place. To counter this, try to avoid highly contrasting designs or large patches of black and red (no giant ladybugs!). If you do choose this theme, you can do a lot of the decorating yourself - buy a ladybug bedding set, and use stencils to decorate the walls.

Various Character Themes

There are a variety of great character themes that will make a wonderful choice in the you little girl's new room. Options include Winnie the Pooh, Precious Moments, Disney Princess, Mickey Sweet Dreams, Hello Kitty, or even Snoopy. There are so many great character themes that you can find, so you'll be sure to find the perfect one for your new sweetheart.

Princess Theme

The princess theme is understandably very popular for baby girls. No doubt she'll be your little princess, so why not carry out the theme in her room? You can find beautiful princess themed bedding, furniture, accessories and more. It's very easy to decorate the nursery in this theme, and you can paint murals or borders on the walls that will go along with the theme as well. Consider even making the room like a castle, complete with everything you can imagine in the princess theme. No doubt this will be a room that everyone, especially your new baby girl, will end up loving.

Patchwork and Plaid Themes

Patchwork themes and plaid themes are also great ideas when you are decorating for a baby girl. Simply pick out a color that you want to go with, and then you can use accenting colors to go along with it. Painting the room will be simple, since you should be able to easily match the colors with paint. There are many great themes of this style to choose from and you can easily find them on the internet.

Celestial Themes

Going with a celestial theme for your baby girl nursery is a wonderful idea and it's very easy to find great baby bedding in these themes. You'll be able to send your baby to dreamland with ease when you use this type of a theme. Some ideas include constellations, moons, planets, the sun, stars, and other things you'll find in the heavens. Whites, pastels, and blues are great colors to use for these types of themes. This is one of the few themes that you will want to seriously consider decoration the ceiling, either with paint or glow in the dark stars (be mindful of safety precautions). There are many great wall decorations and bedding choices available in this theme, so you'll easily end up falling in love with a celestial nursery to welcome your new baby girl into the world.

As you can see, there are definitely a variety of great themes available when it comes to choosing a nursery theme. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to make a choice - just let your eyes and heart guide you. If you are planning to have more children, you might want to consider a gender-neutral theme that can be re-used. If the nursery will become your daughter's room as she grows up, think about going with a theme that she can continue to enjoy as she grows older. Take your time, consider your baby girl, and consider one of these great themes.

About the Author:
Laura Abro is a mother of two and owner of Baby Bedding Zone, a retailer of baby bedding for girls and boys.

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Baby Girl Bedding

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