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Which Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets Suit Your Little Prince?

Which Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets Suit Your Little Prince?

There’s so many steps in preparing for your little baby’s arrival, and ensuring the nursery is decorated wonderfully to nurture your bouncing bundle of joy is one of the most important. From taking care of our own children to opening the online doors of, we’ve learned quite a bit about nursery room décor. If you’re having a baby boy, Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets need to be front and center on your checklist. Not only will they set the theme of your nursery décor, but they’ll also incorporate Mom and Dad’s personality into the nursery, too!

1. How do you feel about sports?

A. You’re seasonal sports fans - you enjoy going to a baseball game in the Spring or summertime (especially for the hotdogs!), a football game in the Fall, and a hockey game in the winter.

B. You’re a couple who loves the whole sports fan experience – seeing multiple games per year, tailgating, and wearing the team’s colors from head to toe.

C. You love to check out famous arenas in big cities and enjoy being a part of the fun camaraderie of the crowd.

2. Which vacation spot is closest to the spots you typically frequent, or would like to visit?

A. The beach! There’s nothing like relaxing on the sand and listening to the sound of the ocean.

B. The great outdoors – camping, hiking, and biking is so refreshing.

C. You both love a big city and visiting popular restaurants, shops, and museums.

3. Which movie genre do you both gravitate towards on date night?

A. Comedies – you’re both light-hearted and just love a good laugh.

B. Action movies, as they’re for both girls and guys! You’re all about the heart-pumping adrenaline and chase scenes.

C. Independent movies and foreign films are your top choices.

Mostly A’s: The ideal baby boy crib bedding sets for your little Prince have soft, neutral colors that can help soothe and relax him. Like the easygoing personality of Mom and Dad, the nursery will welcome in your bundle of joy with a muted color palette. Perfect baby boy crib bedding sets include our White Pique with Blue Trim baby boy crib bedding by New Arrivals, Inc. Help him learn his ABC’s with our Alphabet MiGi Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets, and our oh-so-cute Elise Bananafish Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets.

Mostly B’s: A classically boyish style is best for your baby boy crib bedding sets. Mom and Dad will be likely taking their little boy to sporting events, spending time outdoors, and all those activities that are quintessentially boyish. You’ll want to stick with dark blues and strong colors, like our Glenna Jean Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets, the Giddy Up 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set, and our Chocolate Twist Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets.

Mostly C’s: Mom and Dad both love the energy and sophistication of big cities. A modern baby boy crib bedding style is so wonderful for your little man’s nursery, including our Moderno Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets and Cobblestone Taupe Crib Bedding Sets. Glenna Jean Esquire Baby Boy Crib Bedding Sets have a New York City loft feel, adding a touch of the city to your nursery.

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